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2016 IBPSIA Certified Technician Requirements
Active and Advanced Certified Technicians

Initial Lifetime Certification = 32 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
Continuing Active Certification = rolling 24 CEUs over 3 years
Must be a current IBPSIA member

To Become a Certified Technician Level I (knowledge, skill, engraved plaque and listed on website):

  • Must take an IBPSIA Accredited Hands-On-Training Seminar Phase I (HOTS) course
  • Or take the HOTS Test Out Program
  • Must complete and pass the HOTS test (32 CEUs)

To Become Advanced Certified Technician Level II (more knowledge, skill, engraved plaque and listed on website):

  • Must have already completed the IBPSIA HOTS Phase 1 (listed above)
  • Must have completed HOTS On Lanes (32 CEUs)

For Active Certification (acknowledgement listed on website):

Must keep at least 24 CEUs in a rolling 3 year span (i.e. 40 CEUs in 2013, 2 CEUs in 2014, 12 CEUs in 2015 = 54 current CEUs but in 2016 the 40 CEUs from 2013 expire, so must complete at least 10 CEUs in 2016 to have the 24 needed to stay active.)

Educational CEUs:

  • 32 CEUs for a HOTS accredited program or 32 CEUs for a On Lanes program upon passing test
  • Other accredited programs:
    • Up to 18 CEUs per year for seminar attendance at IBPSIA Conference & Int’l Bowl Expo
    • 32 CEUs for “Emerging Concepts” or a 4 day equivalent (4day program)
    • 32 CEUs for IBPSIA’s “on Lanes” workshop (3 day program)
    • 8 CEUs for BPAA Bowling Center Management School
    • 4 CEUs for each on line module
      Other CEUs for regional shows & manufacturer/distributor programs as accredited such as:
      • BPAA Bowling Summit
      • Western States Trade Show
      • Mid-America BowlFest
      • East Coast Bowling Centers Convention
      • Pre-approved state or Manufacturer/Distributor educational forums during their trade shows

Other CEUs (please submit proof):

  • USBC Coaching levels: (USBC provides IBPSIA with a list – please let us know if you qualify)
    • Bronze – 4 CEUs
    • Silver – 8 CEUs
    • Gold – 10 CEUs
  • 1 credit for each article, chapter or book published (up to a maximum of 4 CEUs per year)
  • 1 credit for making a bowling related presentation, i.e. seminar or workshop (up to a max of 3 CEUs per year)
  • 1 credit for conducting an unpaid coaching clinic (up to a maximum of 3 CEUs per year)
  • 1 credit per year for serving as an officer or director of a nonprofit bowling related association or organization (up to a maximum of 3 CEUs per year)
  • 1 credit for conducting/assisting in a youth or community fundraising activity related to bowling – unpaid (up to a maximum of 3 CEUs per year)