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 IBPSIA HOTS-Phase I Test Out Procedure


1. The student must be an IBPSIA member in good standing. The member could be either a regular, associate or international member.

2. The student must submit a written request to the Qualifying Committee (c/o IBPSIA – email to lori@ibpsia.com ) for approval to qualify to continue the test out process. The Qualifying Committee shall consist of one member of the Education Committee, the Education Liaison from IBPSIA, and the Executive Director. If the Qualifying Committee feels the candidate’s qualifications do not warrant testing out, a letter will be sent indicating they must attend a Hands-On-Training Seminar (HOTS) class.

3. After the candidate is approved, a fee not to exceed $400.00 must be paid before the student can receive the HOTS test and manual. This fee is non-refundable. Make check out to IBPSIA and mail to address above or contact Lori Mills at 1-800-659-9444 to pay with a credit card.

4. The student has 120 days to complete and submit the test to our office. Once the test is graded by approved IBPSIA personnel, the student will be notified of the results. Should the student not pass the HOTS test, they would have 60 days to redo the missed portion and resubmit. If the times are not met or the test is not passed, the student will have to attend HOTS and pay the current class fee less the amount already paid for the test out procedure. i.e. 2010 rate of $995 less prepaid amount of $400 = $595

5. Once the student passes the written portion of the HOTS test, they must schedule a skills demonstration with one of IBPSIA's Trainers (contact Lori for scheduling a Trainer). The student would have 6 months to complete skills demonstration portion of the test out program. See the back page for information on the skills demonstration. The skills demonstration may be waived at the discretion of the Qualifying Committee.

6. The IBPSIA Trainer will make certain the student fulfills all the requirements for HOTS and submits documentation to our office indicating all aspects of HOTS were successfully fulfilled.

7. IBPSIA will send the student a Certification of Completion indicating their successful completion of HOTS Training.

8. If the student completes the full Certification Requirements IBPSIA will send them a Certified Technician engraved plaque, as well as list them on the IBPSIA website. Credits expire every 3 years and need to be updated to continue as an Active Certified Technician in good standing.








The demonstration performed in front of an IBPSIA Trainer may consist of (but is not limited to) the following:


  • Fitting: You will demonstrate fitting 2 different people -1 right hand and 1 left hand.

  • Balancing: Show how to check the ball to see if it meets U.S.B.C. specifications and also find the heavy spot on a blank ball.

  • Plugging: Prepare 1 hole, plug that hole and then after it cures, cut it down and prepare to drill. We will have urethane plug so we can do it all in the same day.

  • Layout: You will demonstrate 2 different layouts using the PAP as the reference. One of the layouts will also use a mass bias reference.

  • Drilling: Using a specific set of measurements, you will demonstrate all of the necessary steps of drilling a grip into a ball with satisfactory accuracy. Drilling an oval thumbhole will be required.

  • Other demonstrations as requested by the instructor.





Name: ______________________________________________________ Phone: ________________


Address: _____________________________________ City: _____________ State: ____ Zip: _____


Email: ____________________________________________ IBPSIA Member No.: ______________


Date of skills demo: _______________________ Location of demo: ___________________________




Instructor’s Name: _____________________________ Signature: _____________________________

  • Student has demonstrated skills satisfactorily

  • Student needs more instruction and will contact IBPSIA to schedule a HOTS class