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Pro Shop Excellence Award

2016 Tom Kelley Jr. - Tom Kelley’s Pro Shop
2015 Bowling Solutions, Chuck Gardner Jr.
2014  Bowlers Edge Pro Shop, Tim Mathe
2013  Carol Stormin Norman's Pro Shop/UCANBOWL2, Carol Norman and Donna Conners
2012  Seliga's Pro Shop, Ed Seliga
2011  The Bowler's Shop, Mike Riggins
2010  Pinole Valley Pro Shop, Al Louie
2009  Sports Plus/Carmen Don Pro Shop, Bruce Merriman
2008  K&K Bowling Services GV, Ken Keegan
2007  Charlie's Pro Shops, Charlie Finch
2006  McCorvey's Pro Shops, Jeff McCorvey


Bill Bunetta Lighthouse Award

2016 Russ Wilson
2015 Tom Laskow
2014  Kelly Bednar
2013  George Gervase
2012  Jerry Francomano
2011  Tom Kouros
2010  Hank Boomershine
2009  Sue Haws
2008  Jayhawk Bowling Supply
2007  Ebonite International
2006  Ron Hoppe
2005 Inaguaral year Mo Pinel and Bill Taylor recipients


President's Award

2016 Susie Minshew –Strikeability
2014 Ray Laursen
2013 Dannial Cohen
2012 Brad Buckert
2011 Jeff McCorvey
2010 Ron Hoppe
2009 Bill Supper
2008 Gary Parsons
2007 Mark Robey

Jerry Francomano


Friends of IBPSIA Award 


Mike Monyak South Point Bowling Center


Keith Hamilton (Chairman) and the IBPSIA Advisory Board


Bill and Barbara Chrisman, Storm Products, Inc.